Hello! Episode 15 of my Knits & Cake For Breakfast series is now available on my YouTube channel, and will be uploaded there every Thursday.

Join me as I share what knitting designs I’ve been working on this week and show you what kind of cake I’m eating for my breakfast – it’s nearly the weekend, right? 

Do you always have to adjust the sleeve length on knitting patterns? Or maybe you’ve tried to do this and the fit hasn’t turned out quite right? Well, I’ve got you sorted into today’s video with an explanation of how to do this effectively (time stamp 9:08). And if you need some more help, check out my latest blog post, where I talk you through the maths for doing this (I’ll hold your hand, promise!) find it here.

Also … I’ve made white chocolate brownies and started a new exciting hat cast-on!

This is a replay of my IGTV Live video from Thursday 10th September. 

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