I’m kicking-off my Top 10 Pattern countdown with my ambidextrous Tolkowsky Mitts pattern. How can a pair of mitts be ambidextrous I hear you ask? Well the Tolkowsky Mitts have two special features that mean you can wear them on either hand and upside-down whilst still having the same fit…


The first feature is that the wrist cuff and finger cuff are the same length, so if you end up wearing them upside down, the fit over your wrist and fingers will be the same.

The second feature is an after-thought thumb, which ensures you can comfortably wear the mitts on either hand. Plus just this morning I published a tutorial on my BLOG to walk you through this really neat technique. Find the blog post here.

These particular Tolkowsky Mitts are knitted in Countess Ablaze’s Lord of Silk DK and the pattern is available by clicking here for my Ravelry Store or clicking here for my new Payhip Shop.

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