As both of my Ama Shawl samples have met with disaster, it seems a bit odd that it’s number 2 in my Top 10 Countdown and that I find myself needing to knit another one. My original pink/grey sample (pictured) has been nibbled by (now dealt with) moths and my blue/grey sample has fallen foul of being put away damp on top of something red … you can guess how that turned out!


So it’s just as well that I finally got round to creating a tutorial for the Ama Shawl’s i-cord tab cast-on, which you can find on my blog or by clicking here. Ama is a top-down shawl that starts as a semi-circle shape with some simple short rows added to create a wider, more wearable style of shawl. Like my Ama Sweater pattern, it features the ‘string of pearls” stitch and is a great option for variegated yarns (this sample was knitted in yarn from The Wool Kitchen).

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