I really dislike weaving-in ends, in fact I have a whole multi-coloured sweater that I wear regularly, and after 5 years I still haven’t woven in the ends, Every time I wear it I have to make sure that the ends aren’t sticking out of the top like a decorative fringe. Usually I have to tuck a couple back in and check every so often for escapees.


So, of course it was inevitable that I’d design a shawl with minimal end-weaving-in. Hence my George Street Shawl pattern where, despite having fairly wide stripes, the clever edging means that you only have four ends to weave in when you’ve finished knitting. The perfect shawl for those who hate weaving-in ends!

This is also the kind of shawl where you can keep knitting the edging until you run out of yarn, and I have a blog post all about weighing your yarn to help with this … which is basically a guide to “how to win at yarn chicken”! You can find it by clicking here.

The George Street Shawl pattern is available to purchase by clicking here for my Ravelry Store or clicking here for my new Payhip Shop.

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