This tutorial is useful if you’re knitting my Patience Cowl Advent KAL, (Ravelry link) which is a pattern specially designed to use with mini-skeins.


If you’re knitting a pattern with lots of changes of yarn, this method of joining-in a new colour means that you’ll avoid having lots of ends to weave in when you’ve finished knitting.

When you come the point where you need to change yarns (for example, from green to orange), loop the new yarn around the old yarn, doubling them both up:


Now knit the next couple of stitches with the doubled-up yarn (green), until you’re working the stitches with the doubled-up new yarn (orange):

Drop the tail end of the new yarn and continue working the stitches with a single strand of the new yarn. When you come to these ‘double’ stitches on the next round, be sure to knit the two strands as one, so as not to increase your stitch count!


When you’ve finished knitting, cut the ends down to around 2-3cm long. Then once you’ve blocked your knitting, you can cut the ends right down, or sew-in any ends that have popped out during the blocking process.