Good morning! Episode 11 of my Knits & Cake For Breakfast series is now available on my YouTube channel, and will be uploaded there every Thursday morning.

Join me as I share what knitting designs I’ve been working on this week and show you what kind of cake I’m eating for my breakfast – it’s nearly the weekend, right?

In this episode I chat about how creative you feel as a knitter and ways to get more creative … beginning with using pops of colour in your projects (hint: check out this blog post here). Plus, what is a porridgie?!?! And some upcoming sweater design news!

The TED talks I mention are “A Deeper Understanding of Creativity” by Daniel Cape and “Creativity is a Craft and it Belongs to Everyone” by Gabriela Pereira. Click the links to watch them on YouTube.

This is a replay of my IGTV Live video from Thursday 13th August. Find a transcript for this episode by following the link here:

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