Just over a week ago I was sitting on my sofa ‘recovering’ from Perth Festival of Yarn! This wasn’t because I’d had an terrible time and needed to recover, quite the opposite! I’d had such a lovely ‘yarny’ weekend looking and squishing at all the gorgeous skeins and chatting with so many brilliant people, that I was trying to re-adjust to being back at home.

As well as taking Karie Westermann’s fantastic “Knitting The Landscape Class”, I also had quite a lot of time to wander around the marketplace and take some photos:

It was great to chat with Pauline from Lifelong Yarns about their yarn and the Scottish Blackface fibre blends which they use, and also with Julie from Black Isle Yarns – I was particularly taken with these beautiful indigo-dyed mini-skeins!

There was lots of variegated hand-dyed yarn too. Two of my favourites were Das Mondschaf from Germany, whose yarn was so beautiful that I could have closed my eyes and picked any skein and been delighted with it, and Giddy Aunt Yarns, who had some especially lovely mohair and double-knit colourways.

Of course, I made a few purchases! On the Saturday I bought this gorgeous single skein from Love Handyed, and as I was wearing my Hecate Shawl with it’s little moon motifs, I couldn’t resist a celestial needle gauge from The Queen of Purls. I also bought some lovely gradient mini-skeins from Cookston Crafts and five skeins of Ullcentrum 2-ply from Midwinter Yarns, as I have plans to knit myself a Moonbow sweater from issue 26 of Pom Pom Quarterly – watch this space!

I hope you’ve had a chance to visit a yarn festival recently or have one coming up? Perhaps I’ll see you at one soon!