Picking up stitches along an i-cord is a technique used in my Hecate shawl (Ravelry link) from the latest issue of Pom Pom Quarterly, where the stitches are picked up to work a gorgeous fluffy mohair edge. I use the same technique to pick-up stitches in many knitting situations and you may also find this tutorial handy when picking up stitches along the edges of my Loie shawl from issue 16 of Amirisu Magazine.

Picking up stitches is often something that knitters don’t like doing, as trying to pick up the right number of stitches along an edge can be tricky, however when you’re picking up along an i-cord edge it’s usually more straightforward. The stitches in an i-cord edge are quite clear to see as there’s an obvious straight column of loops or ‘v’s to work along.


Firstly, as the i-cord is made up of three stitches around, you need to identify which line of stitches you are going to pick up along. In this example, I’m going for the middle column (number 2), but your pattern might specify which to use, and I’m using a lighter coloured yarn (my working yarn) to pick-up the stitches with, to make it easier to see.


Using just the right-hand needle, insert the tip underneath both legs of the first stitch or the first ‘v’ (left hand photo). Next, place the working yarn around your needle, as you would to knit a stitch (middle photo), and pull through a loop. You will need to keep the working yarn quite tight to be able to pull it through the stitch.

Repeat this all the way along, picking up and pulling through a stitch for each ‘v’ along the column of i-cord stitches (or the correct number according to the pattern), then work the next row.

Happy Picking-Up!