Hello! Episode 14 of my Knits & Cake For Breakfast series is now available on my YouTube channel, and will be uploaded there every Thursday.

Join me as I share what knitting designs I’ve been working on this week and show you what kind of cake I’m eating for my breakfast – it’s nearly the weekend, right? 

Have you ever struggled with the instruction to “pick-up and knit”? I’ve got a super helpful tip for you today (time stamp 8:18) plus a detailed photo tutorial over on this week’s blog post.

Also … how to cook pancakes on an upside down tin can and a brand new cast on to share with you.

This is a replay of my IGTV Live video from Thursday 3rd September.

Sign up to my Online Workshop Waitlist and find a transcript for this episode by following the link here: http://www.linktr.ee/harveyknits