I used to record the Top Ten off the radio most Sunday evenings onto my ghetto blaster. I tried very hard to cut out the DJ’s chat (probably Bruno Brookes?!) so that I just had the music, but it didn’t always work … sound familiar? #childofthe80s


It used to be so exciting waiting to find out who was number one. Well, I can’t quite promise you that level of anticipation in my Top 10 Patterns Countdown but I have created an exciting discount code for my mailing list subscribers, scroll down for the details.

Starting later today, and running Monday to Friday for the next two weeks, I’ll share one of my top ten patterns here on the blog and over on my social media channels. Plus, I’ll be sharing my knitting tips and tricks by pairing up each pattern with a handy blog post or website tutorial to help you out.

The exclusive discount will run from today (13th July) until 31st July and can be used multiple times over that period. New mailing list sign-ups are eligible too – click here to head to the sign-up page.

I wonder if you can guess the top three?